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New: EasyGo

From 2019 on, EasyGo is part of your participation. EasyGo is a service package including marketing tools based on the most recent developments within the digital marketing technology.


With the arrival of EasyGo, the exhibitors gets more out of their trade show participation and it has become easier for visitors to collect information during their visit.

For the exhibitor...

the online visibility prior to the trade show is increased and following up leads after the trade show has never been easier. Exhibitors have the choice out of four EasyGo packages. There is a suitable package for everyone, that matches your specific objectives.

With EasyGo you gain access to My Easyfairs, where you will fill in an online profile with company information and product information prior to the trade show. The information from this profile will be shared at the end of the exhibition with visitors who have expressed an interest during the event. The exhibitor is in charge of this, the more extensively the profile is filled in before the trade show, the more interesting information is shared with potential new relationships.

With EasyGo, the visitor...

can, with EasyGo, easily scan the interesting stands with the visitor badge that they receive when entering the event (Smart Badge technology). After the visit the visitor receives all information from the scanned stands directly in the mailbox.

Even when there is no face-to-face conversation during the trade show, the arrival of EasyGo means that relevant information can be exchanged.

Which EasyGo package are you going to choose?

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